Seasonal Art Camps

Our Fine Art Camps offers a variety of seasonal camps for Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving and Winter! Our schedule for holidays are in line with Spring Branch ISD’s school schedule.

Camps are split into two groups for ages 6-12 year olds and Teen camps for 12- 18 year olds interested in participating in a rich and fun creative experience. Students will enjoy developing their personal visions and ideas under the direction of enthusiastic instructors.

Students crave to learn “REAL ART SKILLS”. Provided with age targeted Individual Instruction and Step-by-Step Demos of professional art techniques, tricks and tips they can create amazing works of art. Developed by Master Artist Mentor and Founder Thomas S. Cleveland to be easy to follow and simple to do regardless of experience (or talent) level. Sharing his internationally recognized artistic knowledge and experience, including 10 years as a United States Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer of coins and medals, makes our camps like all our students, one of a kind!

Children and teens will have the opportunity to create traditional paintings, work with clay to make seasonal ornaments or design seasonal cards using mixed media (watercolor, colored pencil, tempera and pastel).

Space is exclusive and limited. Reserve your artist’s desk now!
For more information and availability, please contact Amber Cleveland 713-464-2787

Summer 2021 Art Camps

May-August 2021

2 hours
10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

Half Days

Full Days

Sibling Discount: -$10 additional discount for each sibling

Monday: Students will learn about what artist do, different kinds of artist, art tools and how to use them on the first day. Students will also get to start on their own drawings which will be put on an illustration board to later paint, color and work on throughout the week.

Repeat students: will have the option to skip the intro and either go straight to drawing their images and transfer onto an illustration board or bring an image printed from home to work on instead. Repeat students will be allowed to chose either mixed media or acrylic on a canvas. Beginning freehand will also be offered to repeat students who are interested in progressing to the next stage of their art!

Tuesday: Students will participate in painting a half-size, 7×10, beach scene that covers all the basic techniques of our program.

Repeat students: will continue to work on their own artwork with an instructor and are not required to do the techniques board.

Wednesday: Students will make clay projects that they will chose from a library of projects that we have. Students may also work with an instructor find a clay project from the internet.

Repeat students: Will have the option of doing a clay project for the day or continuing their own art projects with the art instructor helping them.

Thursday: Students will bring their oven-baked clay back to class and paint their projects. Once finished, students will continue to their artwork they have been working on throughout the week with their assigned instructor.

Repeat students: Paint their clay projects or if finished with their first art piece will have time to start another project.

Friday: On Friday, all students will solely work on their art pieces and get the finishing touches added! Every Friday there is a pizza party for all students!

Teens will work on any medium they choose; watercolor, colored pencils, mixed-media, acrylic or graphite. They may bring drawings or images from home that they would like to work on with our trained instructors or choose from our library of images. We encourage teens to build on their art style and will help them to improve in realism.

Teens may focus their artwork on any style they choose; whether it is their own or one they would like to learn. Some examples include: portraits, wild-life, realism, hyper-realism, expressionism, cartooning, self-portrait, manga/anime, architecture and more. 

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