Children, 6-12 year olds

Our fine art classes will have children participating in a rich and fun creative experience. Weekly classes or week long camps will fit the busiest of schedules.

Children love to draw. They use it to discover and understand the world around them. We teach children how to draw and paint what they see in a realistic way. Why Realism? Close observation of a subject is needed to draw and paint a realistic image. By developing keen skills of perception, students can visualize and express their inner images more vividly.

Course I: Introduction to drawing and painting skills. Drawing with the grid, a classic proportion tool used by the old masters. Individual step-by-step demonstrations in watercolor, tempera, pastel, and color pencil help develop student`s artistic confidence. Students complete a mixed media painting.

Course II: Beginning freehand and more developed 3-D shading, light and shadow perception. Sketching explained. Students complete a tonal drawing.

Cartooning I: Character Development. Cartoons are reality distorted. Learning the proper proportions of the human figure and how to distort those proportions enable students to create an original cartoon character. With this knowledge students aren’t limited to just copying. Using mixed media students paint a portrait of their unique creation.

Cartooning II: Imagination Development Using one and two point perspective, mechanical drawing and dramatic lighting techniques, students create an imaginary world for their character to dwell in.

Homeschool Courses: Grades K ~ 12 th Customized curriculum can be tailored to fit a variety of individual’s needs.

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Teens, 13-18 year olds

Most teens are reluctant to take an art class. They may fear public critique, not being as good as, or feel they must not be a true artist if they have to take a class. Da Vinci had a teacher. All the great artists studied under Masters. It is the way art has always been taught. One stroke of genius at a time handed down personally to the next generation. No How-To-book, YouTube video or personal trial and error can do match the speed and results of personal instruction. We provide just that.

Concerned your child draws one subject over and over, again and again? Don’t be. It is an attempt to perfect their ability to draw that subject. They are using the same skills required to draw anything else as well. Drawing is drawing. If you ask most artists, “How do you do that?”, many will say, “I just copy it.” This is what they do but not HOW they do it. Our classes help them identify their skills to “just copy it” empowering them to get unstuck when they can’t figure out or make it “right”. Expecting advancement in art by repetition is like expecting a music student to somehow stumble upon how to compose a concert without ever having the benefit of being taught the chords and how to read and write music. It simply doesn’t work that way nor does it with visual art.

A major concern of “being an artist” is Money! How in the world are they going to make a living drawing that stuff? NOTE: The Video Gaming business is a multi-billion dollar industry and still growing. The demand for classically trained artists is actually higher today than any other time in history. Many don’t stop to consider the best video games, computer animated movies, phone and computer icons, the devices themselves and anything else for that matter that is conceptualized, designed and manufactured, began as just a doodle. The knowledge to develop that simple doodle into a finished product requires specialized training that we lay the groundwork for. We teach students how to concept, visualize and execute their ideas using traditional methods as a foundation.

Computer graphic skills can be mastered by artists and non-artists alike. However, a computer doesn’t draw nor have flashes of insight and genius that requires the talents of a trained artist.

We will work with your student to build a diverse portfolio of work that has what it takes to gain admission to art schools and gaming industry training centers. We tailor the instruction to the individual.

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Discover your inner artist. Adult students explore a multitude of art mediums and techniques through the instruction of Master Artist, Thomas Cleveland.

Try it Out: No Experience Needed. Discover how talented you really are and be an artist.  Introduction to drawing and painting from photographic refrences. Drawing with the grid a classic proportion tool used by the old masters. Individual step by step demonstrations in watercolor, tempera, pastel, and color pencil, help develop student`s artistic confidence to complete a mixed media painting.

Beginning Freehand: Learn how to sketch and use 3-D shading to complete a striking tonal drawing on color paper.

Drawing: “Learning to See”. Even if you have not drawn since you were a kid this course will open your eyes to your undiscovered talent. The four basic skills of perception are explained. Edge / Contour, Negative /Positive space, Part to Whole Relationship, and Light / Shadow perception exercises train your “eye” to see. Understanding these skills will empower you to create a convincing wildlife drawing.

Portraiture: If you have always wanted to do a portrait of a loved one or even a caricature, learning the proportions of the human face is a must. Simply explained allows you to get the likeness you strive for. So dig out that old family photo and be a hit at gift giving time.

Watercolor: Don’t be afraid of the water. Armed with the technical information watercolor is not the “hardest” medium. It is fluid and forgiving with the right instructions and tools.

Pastel: This medium offers the comfort of drawing and the speed and impact of painting. Learn the proper paper and tools to quickly achieve a stunning work of art.

Acrylics: This medium provides the opaqueness and control watercolor lacks and requires less patience with regards to drying times when compared to Oils. Learn techniques, proper brushes, cleaning and care for your materials while creating an acrylic painting of your choice of subject matter.

Oils: Believe it or not oils are in many ways easier to use than acrylics. So if you love the smell of turpentine don’t hesitate to be a master. Handling and care of your tools and paint are explained saving you time and money.

Supplies: All courses include minimum supplies required to complete various mixed media projects for the first four lessons. No need to go blow your budget at the local Art Supply store before you are even sure what it is that you want to tackle. Come utilize our supplies and dabble in various mediums so you can make a more informed decision by consulting the expertise of your instructor on high quality brands and tools that you may want to acquire for your art arsenal once you have armed yourself with the confidence to tackle the medium you have always aspired to master.

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Figure Drawing

Every Wednesday. 7 – 9pm. A live model is available for participants to freely sketch, draw, or paint. $20 for a two hour open lab, plus a percentage of model fee (depends on number of students sharing cost). Register Today!

Private Lessons

Join an instructor for a private one on one lesson. Register Today!

Painting with a Purpose Parties

Celebrations, corporate team builders or just for fun, Paint parties are for all ages and abilities. Customized to Your Artist Within. Choice of Theme, Day, Time and Length. NO MINIMUMS, NO RUSH, NO TIME LIMITS! Register Today!