Adult Art Classes


Discover your inner artist. Adult students explore a multitude of art mediums and techniques through the instruction of Master Artist, Thomas Cleveland.

Try it Out: No Experience Needed. Discover how talented you really are and be an artist.  Introduction to drawing and painting from photographic refrences. Drawing with the grid a classic proportion tool used by the old masters. Individual step by step demonstrations in watercolor, tempera, pastel, and color pencil, help develop student`s artistic confidence to complete a mixed media painting.

Beginning Freehand: Learn how to sketch and use 3-D shading to complete a striking tonal drawing on color paper.

Drawing: “Learning to See”. Even if you have not drawn since you were a kid this course will open your eyes to your undiscovered talent. The four basic skills of perception are explained. Edge / Contour, Negative /Positive space, Part to Whole Relationship, and Light / Shadow perception exercises train your “eye” to see. Understanding these skills will empower you to create a convincing wildlife drawing.

Portraiture: If you have always wanted to do a portrait of a loved one or even a caricature, learning the proportions of the human face is a must. Simply explained allows you to get the likeness you strive for. So dig out that old family photo and be a hit at gift giving time.

Watercolor: Don’t be afraid of the water. Armed with the technical information watercolor is not the “hardest” medium. It is fluid and forgiving with the right instructions and tools.

Pastel: This medium offers the comfort of drawing and the speed and impact of painting. Learn the proper paper and tools to quickly achieve a stunning work of art.

Acrylics: This medium provides the opaqueness and control watercolor lacks and requires less patience with regards to drying times when compared to Oils. Learn techniques, proper brushes, cleaning and care for your materials while creating an acrylic painting of your choice of subject matter.

Oils: Believe it or not oils are in many ways easier to use than acrylics. So if you love the smell of turpentine don’t hesitate to be a master. Handling and care of your tools and paint are explained saving you time and money.

Supplies: All courses include minimum supplies required to complete various mixed media projects for the first four lessons. No need to go blow your budget at the local Art Supply store before you are even sure what it is that you want to tackle. Come utilize our supplies and dabble in various mediums so you can make a more informed decision by consulting the expertise of your instructor on high quality brands and tools that you may want to acquire for your art arsenal once you have armed yourself with the confidence to tackle the medium you have always aspired to master.

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